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What people are saying...

“HangTuf Fastpitch molded me into the player and person I am today. It was a huge part of my life that I will always cherish and I will never forget all of the wonderful memories and friendships HangTuf has brought me.”

  • Evy Lobdell (Former Player & Assistant Coach at Saginaw Valley State University)

“My daughter joined HangTuf 4 years ago as a substitute, she had never been interested in the full-time commitment that a travel softball team requires. She was warmly welcomed to the team by both players and coaches. What was supposed to be 1 or 2 tournaments turned into the remainder of the season. The following year she subbed for a different organization and there were some very apparent differences from HangTuf. After that experience she decided to put all her concentration on softball and tried out for HangTuf. The first thing that my entire family noticed was that this was not the same team she had played with before. Many of the players had changed and there was a new assistant coach that had joined the team but most importantly their level of skill far exceeded the previous team. This team had potential to be contenders at every tournament, something we would not have said about the team 2 years prior. Even the coaches seemed a bit more knowledgeable about the game. They again warmly welcomed my daughter to the team. She is now on her 2nd year with team (as a committed player) and I have seen huge improvements with both the team and my daughter. The coaches have done an excellent job of exposing the players to college coaches, even outside of exposure tournaments, and making sure that they are ready for the ultimate goal of playing at the college level. I am extremely excited that my daughter has become one of HangTuf’s success stories and will continue her softball career with Lansing Community College in the Fall of 2021.”

  • Jen Powers

“We have only been with the Hangtuf for a short period of time but it already feels like a family. We had been with another organization for three years and I feel this was the best decision we have made for our daughter and her growth as an athlete. Hangtuf has worked really hard to get to know my daughter and her needs and wants as a player and leader. The coaches have been great to work with and consistently advocate for my daughter and her teammates. In my short time here, they have brought in different college coaches to lead practices and work with the girls on team and self-development skills. Win or lose in games, coaches have reinforced the positives and built on their shortcomings but have continually stayed motivated and encouraging growth throughout the process.”

  • Ricky Vasquez

“As parents within the organization, we can personally attest to the extreme level of professionalism and effective coaching provided by the HangTuf staff. We as a family have been involved with HangTuf for more than five years in which we have observed the continuous development of our daughter and other fine young ladies within the organization. Although the team structure changes each competition year (from parents relocating, additional skill sets acquired, and parents/players electing to play for other teams), the team dynamics has always developed into the correct chemistry structure required to foster a positive environment towards the personal and athletic development of the players fully committed to the core values fostered within the organization. This is a feat difficult to replicate year after year. However, it is a testament of the fair and equitable processes utilized by the organization to ensure each of the players achieve the skills necessary to compete at the next level.

What we value most concerning the HangTuf organization:

  1. Commitment and dedication of the coaching staff with high level of involvement and honest feedback.
  2. Leadership opportunities, mentorship and development gained from past players and staff.
  3. High level competition achieved through traveling to multi in-state and out of state events.
  4. Fair and competitive program focus on the personal growth and development of the whole athlete.
  5. Life-long relationships achieved amongst players.

In addition, the evolution of the leadership and board structure of the HangTuf organization continuously improves, in which the present and future initiatives hold unlimited opportunities for the players and parents. The competitive reputation, high level of sportsmanship, and college coaching staff relations from Division 1 colleges to statewide community colleges combined with relationships fostered within multiple communities and statewide sponsors promotes an extremely sustainable program.”

  • Will and Crystal McFadden

“HangTuf, to me, is a value added and family focused fastpitch travel softball club. I have three daughters that have played for this program. Two are currently playing and my oldest is now an assistant coach on the 14U team staff. Whether you’re striving to increase your skill level for your community school or trying to get to the next level and play in college, HangTuf Fastpitch Softball Club has great coaches that care about players on and off the field and have excellent connections to assist players in all of their goals.”

  • Darius Knox

“HangTuf softball taught me the boundaries of softball both on and off the field, it taught me that your teammates can become family and that made me want to win games and compete for my teammates rather than myself. HangTuf taught me how strong the bond between teammates can be. HangTuf meant a lot to me in learning how to compete on a premier softball level.”

  • Grace Lehto (Starting Pitcher at Central Michigan University